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    This scent embraced the duality of mystery and revelation.
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    Top Notes: Bergamot, Lavender, Grapefruit

    Middle Notes: Leather, Dry Woody, Patchouli, Saffron

    Base Notes: Vetiver, Labdanum, Oud

    The Fragrance Story

    As the first rays of dawn caressed the desert landscape, "Whispers" unfolded its top notes in a dance of leather, dry woody tones, patchouli, and saffron. A tantalizing aura of intrigue lingered in the air, capturing the essence of dawn's awakening. The leather echoed the soft rustle of palm fronds, while dry woods and patchouli painted a canvas of sun-soaked sands. Saffron, like a golden mirage, added a touch of warmth to the whispered tales of the oasis.
    As the day unfolded, the fragrance seamlessly transitioned into its heart notes, maintaining the enigmatic allure. The layers of leather, dry woods, patchouli, and saffron deepened, creating an olfactory symphony that echoed the mysteries hidden within the oasis.

    Whispers became more than a fragrance; it became a whispered secret, an invitation to explore the untold stories beneath the shade of the desert palms.