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<tc>ورد صافي</tc>

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    Indulge in the refreshing fragrance of Ward-Safi, available in a convenient 6 ML packaging.

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    &lt;tc&gt;ورد صافي&lt;/tc&gt;


    Top Notes: rose, red fruits

    Middle Notes: amber, vanilla, sandalwood

    Base Notes: patchouli, musk

    The Fragrance Story

    The fragrance “Rose, Red Fruits” opens with a captivating burst of vibrant roses, enveloping the senses with their sweet, floral aroma. The essence of freshly picked roses dances in the air, evoking a sense of romance and natural beauty. Blend of red fruits adding a playful and youthful element to the composition.
    Rich amber weaves its way into the blend, exuding a comforting and sensual aura. The scent of vanilla adds a creamy sweetness, enhancing the overall allure of the fragrance. The woody nuances of sandalwood provide a touch of earthiness and sophistication, grounding the composition with its smooth and velvety character.

    The fragrance is anchored by the earthy and slightly spicy notes of patchouli. It adds an intriguing dimension, balancing the sweetness with a touch of complexity. Musk, with its subtle animalic undertones, brings a seductive and long-lasting quality to the fragrance, leaving a lingering trail of allure and sensuality.