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Indulge in the refreshing fragrance of Oud-1, available in a convenient 300 ML packaging.

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Top Notes: Agarwood, Lavender, Spicy

Middle Notes: Incense, Floral

Base Notes: Oud, Moss, Ambergris

Oud by Naseem is inspired by the Persian Empire, which connected the Eastern world to the West. This fragrance is exactly that; a modern take on the classic Eastern oud.
Oud by Naseem explores a contemporary twist on the old-fashioned oud that is devastatingly sexy on men and women alike.

This oud is progressive yet conservative at the same time; the agarwood oil at the base brings the classic smoky and sensual feeling of oud, while the burst of savory spices and lavender at the top bring a vibrancy that is modern and chic.