Water-based Fragrances

A good fragrance is like finishing touch to your daily routine. Not only will it promote your individuality but it will also give a boost to your confidence, it transcends your personality and gives you the inner strength to hustle every day. Say you’re getting ready for an important board meeting and you know it’s going to be a long hectic day at work. And you’re probably wondering what’s the perfect fragrance which will keep you fresh all day, something that will uplift your mood when the work atmosphere is tiring. Well, no need to worry, we got you all covered up. Naseem Perfume manufactures such aromas which are all set to compliment your style and make heads turn when you step out wearing it. Class is all that matters and which is exactly why we bring you premium quality fragrances born from the lap of nature with a touch of magic. Our perfumes are strictly non-alcoholic as it’s prohibited in Islam and also because we believe in ‘halal’, it’s our responsibility to follow the path of Allah and become a server of him. Non-alcoholic perfume provides a long-lasting and consistent fragrance because of its non-evaporative properties. We use water base for our perfumes which helps to prevent the skin from getting dry and often contributes to gentle skin care and becomes the perfect option for people having sensitive skin. These water-based fragrances also offer a greater shelf life compared to the typical alcoholic fragrances. Now you must be wondering how do we make our perfumes? What goes in it and what spreads happiness with its entrancing aura. Firstly, we mix the solubilizer and perfume oil together, once the mixture is homogenized, we slowly add more water into it and constantly keep mixing for a smooth texture. Once, we get a milky, cloudy consistency we know it’s ready. Rather than alcoholic perfumes which are transparent in nature, we prefer to keep our perfumes a little opaque for its refined smell and enthralling presence.

The benefits of non-alcoholic perfumes are many, but since we have to list it down, we’ll mention a few major ones.

  • Perfumes with water and oil base are far more natural and not overpowering. It has a sweet and pure smell that’ll lift your mood up in no time.
  • Oil-based scents are known to last longer as it doesn’t evaporate like alcohol-based perfumes.
  • It’s best for the people who’re a little nose-sensitive, which means the scent is mild and barely troubles a person with a sensitive nasal membrane.
  • Many people are allergic to alcohol on their skin and therefore they cannot use alcohol-based perfumes.
  • Alcohol also has a drying effect on the skin which should be avoided if the weather is very hot and dry. Perfumes add a feel-good element to your daily routine, it has the power to heal, attract opposite sexes and projects your personality in a good way. Naseem Perfume has a variety of fragrances, whether it’s from the Arabian corner of the world or from the land of France, you’ve got hundreds of categories to choose from. So, get your hands on a bottle of exotic perfume range from Naseem, available in all our official outlets.

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1 thought on “Water-based Fragrances”

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