Water-based body sprays vs Alcoholic deos

As the world slowly moves towards experimentation, there’re people who’re constantly fighting over water-based sprays and alcohol-based deodorants.

You can definitely recall a few ads where women are seen falling over men who use exotic deos and drool over their charm. Firstly, this is a false sense of advertising showcased just to attract the audience and secondly, they aren’t disclosing the fact that alcohol is being used in the deo sprays that we often see in commercial ads.

Do you know the major differences between water-based body sprays and alcoholic deos? If you don’t, keep reading on!

Alcohol-based deos mostly have an aerosol base which is simply used by shaking the deo bottle and spraying it from a little distance. As you must know aerosol is a substance that is responsible for depleting the health of individuals who’re suffering from asthma or breathing difficulties. It can cause allergic reactions and also harm the environment in various ways.

Alcohol-based deos are strong and pungent when you first spray it over, it has a quick-drying property, thus after a certain period of time, it evaporates and the fragrance fades away sooner than you expect. We often notice that it leaves a white spot on the clothes because of aerosol. Even they have antiperspirants properties which you should definitely avoid if you’re looking to fight body odor.

It all comes down to one thing, alcohol is mostly used in deos because it’s cheap and easily available. While alcoholic deos are still ruling the market for its attractive price range, people are not afraid to experiment with water-based sprays as it’s going to be the next big thing pretty soon. Let’s look over some major advantages of water-based sprays

● Water-based sprays are much lightly scented compared to alcoholic deos.

● It aromatically revives our senses and has a positive effect on the mind because of its natural essence.

● It helps to prevent the skin from getting dry and often contribute to gentle skincare.

● It also has a better shelf life compared to the typical alcoholic fragrances.

It doesn’t fade away like an alcoholic does and lasts longer than usual. As a reputed brand, we always keep in mind the responsibility we have towards the environment. And we encourage the use of water-based sprays over alcoholic deos, as the use of alcohol is prohibited in Islam. Thus, every perfume of ours is 100% alcohol-free and made with our own unique water-based formula.

Our bestseller Bushra is made with the soft aroma of tangy oranges and vivid lemons with a twist of sandalwood at the base of this invigorating fragrance. Another bestseller Sadaat is an explosion of fruity scents working in perfect harmony with the beautiful freshness of the rose, the sweetness of vanilla, and the elegance of musk. It’s a mild fragrance of the tropics and you’ll feel like in the middle of an exotic island spending the summers with ease.

Jameelah is one of a kind too, it’s floral notes perfectly blend with the fruity tanginess and musk vanilla cedarwood. Perfumes are basic hygiene etiquette for maintaining the freshness of your essence even on a tiring day.

So, it’s always wise to choose aromas which complement your style but also keeping in mind its effects on your body and the environment as a whole. Try everything but make an informed decision while choosing your fragrance.

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