Exotic Non-Alcoholic Perfumes-Your Exclusive Aroma Partner!

We all love to smell amazing, don’t we?

And what’s the effortless way of doing it? Yes, Perfumes and Fresheners. Your perfume has a lot to say about your personality. Even before we enter the place, certain marks are made concerning us. Perfumes are the simple yet most authentic way to leave a lasting impression. The first 7s of your first impression matters a lot as you are judged and remembered only for that. We know how prominent it is to choose the right product to make or break the vibe!

Leave your scent wherever you go.

Your perfume is like your identification buddy. People reminisce about it whenever they think about you. Your perfume has a lot to say about your mood, your persona, your aura, your selection of brand, and much more. Naseem Al Hadaeq Perfumes LLC has a wide range of exclusive brands to lend you the best viable aromatic options.

We are Specialized in the manufacturing of perfumeries; Concentrated Perfume Oils, Bakhoor, Air Freshener, Body Lotion, Water Perfumes, and Body Sprays. Quality at affordable prices is our priority. At Naseem Perfumes, we give utmost preference to customer satisfaction. The raw materials bought for our impressive perfumes are outsourced from internationally renowned brands.

Non-Alcoholic perfumes-Your flawless skin specialist

To please you with authentic natural perfumes, Naseem Perfumes has come up with this breathtaking idea of nonalcoholic Perfumes. Non Alcoholic perfumes contain essential oils, which makes them ideal for sensitive skin. However, what differentiates non-alcoholic perfumes is their authenticity and long-lasting capability! You can drool with happiness and outshine among the crowd with nonalcoholic perfumes as they can last more than 10 hours. Furthermore, these perfumes are non-inflammable, which is the cherry on the cake.

How to choose your reliable perfume brand?

To be sure about what you are applying, check the ingredients used.

Please look at the long-lasting presence as it will help you differentiate it from other brands.

Take a small quantity or few drops, apply it, and see the results.

Go through the reviews for a better understanding.

Confused about choosing the right perfume?

Don’t worry! Let us help you.

With more than 20 years of hard work and consistency today, Naseem perfumes are famed worldwide as Non-alcoholic perfume manufacturers & Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Here we pay keen attention to every order! From the moment you book the order to the moment you receive our product, Our expert will assist you in each step. We will also consult you with the best product to match your requirement and needs keeping in mind your budget. There is nothing better than the aromatic charm, to gift for a birthday, anniversary, or Ramadan. We have been modifying the combos to lend our customers the best options. Our Non-Alcoholic Perfumes are recognized throughout UAE for their captivating scent and magnificent capacity to last.

What have we got in the cart for you?

To give a drool to your smile and to embrace your aroma, Naseem Perfumes has some marvelous products for you, which include lovely perfumes, scented air fresheners, stunning aqua perfumes, pleasing Bakhoor, premium beauty products, concentrated perfume oil, milky body cream, creamy body lotion, and long-lasting body sprays.

Air Fresheners

How embarrassing and irritating it can be if you enter a room and it smells bad. It simply turns off the mood and destroys the vibe. So to make your room and workplace healthy, we have come up with authentic air fresheners. It is necessary to choose the right air freshener for the right place. For example, If you are looking for a sanitizing blend for the washroom, then a floral scent would be the best.

On the other hand, if you are fond of meditation and are searching for something to make your experience more lively, then the smooth, serene fragrant will be the right choice. Air fresheners are used at every corner, from schools, churches, hospitals, resorts, theatres, restrooms to buses, cars, etc. We have emerged as Air Freshener Supplier manufacturers & Suppliers in Dubai, UAE, to yield you genuine quality air fresheners.

Our trustworthy air fresheners include Thaljee air freshener, Tayiba Air freshener, Amani Air freshener, Yusra Air freshener, Sakina Air freshener, Saadat Air Freshener, Miracle Air Freshener, Lutfa Air Freshener, Lamsa Air Freshener, Khalifa Air Freshener, Fatema Air Freshener, and Fajr Air freshener, etc. These Air Fresheners bestow in unlocking aromatherapy benefits, enhancing the mood, and developing a serene environment.

Aqua Perfumes

Wanna feel the aromatic peace of the ocean just by sitting on your couch? Sounds crazy! Right? But now it’s possible. We at Naseem Perfumes love to present our customers with the best. To aid our sporty, party freak customers, we have appeared as the Aqua Perfumes manufacturers & Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Now you might be wondering how these aqua colognes are different from others?

So to clear your perceptions, let me dive into it. Aqua Perfumes are eventually our pretty ladies crush these days. They can turn your mood from woo to Wow just with the blink of an eye. Their refreshing and energizing spirit is winning hearts. You can try some heart-robbing aqua perfumes from us, including Jameelah Water Perfume, Burhan Water Perfume, Fakhriyah Water Perfume, Sakina Aqua Perfume, Daliya Aqua Perfume, etc.


To serve you with mental peace and provide you with marvelous health benefits, Naseem Perfumes has started the Bakhoor Wholesale Shop in Dubai, UAE. Here you can get vivid quality Bakhoors ranging from Bakhoor Sakina, Bakhoor Saadat,Bakhoor Ruqaiya, Bakhoor Rasmi, Bakhoor Ranya to Mamool fatema,Oud Fatema, Oud Fakhir, Oud Khaljee etc. Bakhoor, favored by us, calms the nervous system, enhances focus and alertness. Apart from this, it invokes the feeling of harmony and positivity. Therefore, it is highly effective for meditation and relaxation. Bakhoor is even used on special occasions like weddings in the hospitality of guests.

Premium Beauty Products

To satisfy you with the natural beauty products, we have turned up as the Premium Beauty Product manufacturers & Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Beauty Products are the soldiers that stay on the field to protect your skin 24/7, and so it becomes necessary to pick the right one. With our large assortment of authentic products, we have everything to make your skin glow. You can get all your skin routines or your skin essentials from us at moderate prices.

Our fine range of best-selling products includes Eucalyptus Multi-Use oil. As the name suggests, this oil is used for several reasons. Its antibacterial properties act as a shield in protection from bacteria. Apart from this, it also treats nasal congestion, asthma and works as a tick repellant. Suppose you are someone who is in love with floral and a health freak too. Then there is nothing better than our Lavender Multi-Use oil.No, no need to be tense over wrinkles and acne anymore because our Lavender Multi-use oil will look after that for you. You can also choose from our neroli MUltiuse oil, Kanz body gel, Zahra body gel, etc.

Concentrated Perfume Oil

On account of the love for natural ingredients and fragrances, we have popped up as Concentrated Perfume Oil manufacturers & Wholesalers in Dubai, UAE. Our Concentrated perfume Oils are naturally extracted from flowers, woods, and spices, making them the relevant option. Moreover, they are free from additives like alcohol, etc., making them the most authentic. If you are someone who frequently goes for perfume, then you will love our perfume roll collection. One amazing benefit of rolls is their portability. They can easily be carried as per convenience. Our cute little roll collection covers Musk Bushra Roll-On, oud Bushra Roll, Jazi Roll, Zahabia Roll, Arzan Attar, Sakina Roll-On, Afzal Roll-On, Afaf Concentrated Perfume Oil, etc.

Body Cream

We spend a lot worrying about our faces, but we sometimes forget to take proper care of our bodies. Our arms and legs are often exposed to extreme temperatures, which can cause tan, sunburn, dry skin, etc. To nourish your skin with splendid benefits, we have started as body Cream manufacturers & wholesalers in Dubai, UAE. To make your skin healthy, supple, and smooth, we have some sensational natural products, including Thaljee Body Cream, Sadaat Body Cream, Bushra Body Cream, and much more. The type of natural cream you use depends on your skin type. To make it beneficial for you, you should pay keen attention and choose a product only after confirming your skin type, texture, and need.

Body Lotion

We know how important it is to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized and to yield you the breathtaking benefits we have managed as body Lotion manufacturers & Wholesalers in Dubai, UAE. The body lotions manufactured by us help remove dead skin and pamper you with flawless, smooth skin. Our special quality products include Bushra Lotion, Fateema Lotion, Burhan Body Lotion, etc.

Body Sprays

It’s quite possible that people can forget your outfit, but they won’t forget how you smell. To take your sense of smell to the next level, We have commenced as body spray manufacturers & Suppliers in Dubai, UAE. Your dress-up is incomplete without the right sense of scent. We are the one-stop solution for all your fresh and genuine body spray needs. From wild to floral to mild, you can easily switch off to any fragrance now with the unique body sprays from us. We assure you that you won’t regret your choice after buying from us. We guarantee quick delivery, authentic products, and hassle-free after-sales service. In addition, we have some mind-boggling benefits for the early birds reaching us. So book your order today at +971504174786, or you can also mail us at sales@naseemperfume.com.Happy scenting!

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