Human love for exotic fragrances is deeply rooted in its cultural significance and spiritual enlightenment. These fragrances are influenced by one’s social, cultural and economic history. But modern perfumery is a constant evolution of blending different aromas to create diverse varieties for the audience. One would transport you to the faraway tropical islands and the other might disseminate the essence of a blooming garden. Every fragrance has a significance of its own, an alluring harmony of natural and synthetic ingredients. The dominating wave of synthetically manufactured perfumes are known to many but the growth of natural perfumes in recent times has taken the perfumery industries by storm. People nowadays have become quite sensitive about their health and the environment as a whole. They’ve come to know the hazards of synthetic perfumes for the ecosystem and as concerned human beings, they’re opposing the idea of it. But still, the price point, consistency, and availability of synthetic perfumes act as a bait for the audience making them a majority group. The biggest difference between natural and synthetic fragrances lies in the way they’re manufactured. While natural fragrances are extracted from the basic elements of plants and animal products, the synthetic ones are completely manufactured in laboratories by adding a limited amount of natural ingredients to aroma chemicals which makes it last longer. These aromas fall somewhere between semi-synthetics which are ideal for the audience to use if they want to flaunt their fresh essence all day. While there might be a tendency for people to encourage natural perfumes but they are a massive cause of deforestation and also torture to several animals as well. The major benefits of synthetic perfumes lies in its attractive price range and complexity, its fragrance is richer and denser than any natural aroma. While natural aromas are limited to the use of essential oils, natural extracts, or animal products, synthetic ones can be blended with aroma chemicals to create countless variations. If you consider the practical point of view, the advantages of synthetic perfumes are more compared to natural ones therefore, contributing to its consistent rise in the perfumery industry. While being in the UAE for the past 20 years, Naseem Perfumes has evolved into a fast growing perfume firm and to achieve this: "It was essential to use the highest quality of complex mixtures of natural and synthetic materials as to accentuate the scent and allow the effect to linger. At Naseem, we generally prefer and encourage the use of the highest quality of raw materials in order to make complex perfume rather than simple ones. We achieve common ground between natural and synthetic ingredients to blend them together and create fragrances which resonate your personality. One of our bestsellers Ritaaj has the perfect blend of Aldehyde, Ylang, and Saffron with the middle notes of Orange Blossom. Another well appreciated perfume Qadr disseminates the essence the succulent peaches and glistening apples enveloped in the golden tears of amber. Whereas in Khalifa, the fusion of rose, and the invaluable notes of sandalwood spreads a mystical aroma which keeps you light and fresh as a rose in June. We create fragrances which are quite different from each other and experiment with a variety of ingredients to derive the best results out of them. Visit our retail outlets to choose the best fragrances out of a wide category of perfumes. Or you can email us at to place an order at wholesale quantities.