Exotic Non-Alcoholic Perfumes-Your Exclusive Aroma Partner!

We all love to smell amazing, don’t we? And what’s the effortless way of doing it? Yes, Perfumes and Fresheners. Your perfume has a lot to say about your personality. Even before we enter the place, certain marks are made concerning us. Perfumes are the simple yet most authentic way to leave a lasting impression. … Read more

Difference Between Arabic Perfumes And French Perfumes

Arabic perfumes have a strong and unique smell, this smell could easily attract you. It will give you an aromatic fragrance, you will get a wide range of Arabic fragrance. Arabic perfumes are alcohol-free. Arabic perfumes are the most popular, it can be used for men and women both, it will give you a traditional … Read more

The Importance of Oud in Perfumery!

Have you ever brushed past a person and smelled a sweet, warm, and musky scent that immediately transported you to a paradise of virtual bliss? Chances are they were wearing Oud. For those unaware, Oud is one of the most sought-after scents in the world. Mostly used in the Middle East and most of southeast … Read more

A harmony of natural and synthetic blends

Human love for exotic fragrances is deeply rooted in its cultural significance and spiritual enlightenment. These fragrances are influenced by one’s social, cultural and economic history. But modern perfumery is a constant evolution of blending different aromas to create diverse varieties for the audience. One would transport you to the faraway tropical islands and the … Read more

Water-based body sprays vs Alcoholic deos

As the world slowly moves towards experimentation, there’re people who’re constantly fighting over water-based sprays and alcohol-based deodorants. You can definitely recall a few ads where women are seen falling over men who use exotic deos and drool over their charm. Firstly, this is a false sense of advertising showcased just to attract the audience … Read more

Water-based Fragrances

A good fragrance is like finishing touch to your daily routine. Not only will it promote your individuality but it will also give a boost to your confidence, it transcends your personality and gives you the inner strength to hustle every day. Say you’re getting ready for an important board meeting and you know it’s … Read more

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